In Fine Spirits

After a long day at work and a great workout on Friday, I drove to meet my friend Lara in the Andersonville neighborhood, where we went to In Fine Spirits, one of my favorite bars/cocktail lounges in all of Chicagoland.  The offer top shelf liquor cocktails, a number of which are made with Koval Distillery (the first boutique distillery in Chicago) and an extensive list of wines from around the country and world.

We both started off with the Eurotrail flight of white wines.  They were incredible — my favorite was the Riesling.  And then, I had a glass of Chardonnay and we finished by splitting another glass of the Riesling.

We also split the incredible Almonds with za’atar spice and roasted sesame seeds.

They were seriously incredible and to die for.  I would go back today, and order a bucket of them, to go.

As Lara exclaimed as she was overly excited at the almonds, the za’atar spice — “it makes everything taste like Pizza Hut breadsticks.”  And, since that really is the case — sign me up.

I’m on the hunt for za’atar spice!  I’ll let you know when, and where, I find it.

On our way back we happened upon this:

And Lara, being the future English professors, gave the poem an A-.  For good measure 🙂

To say the least, I will be returning at least one more time before I move to the West Coast.


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