A Beachy Weekend

Saturday involved waking up for a 10.25 mile run.  I had intended it to be 12, but Chicago was so incredibly humid and hot that it took me my allotted 12 mile run time to run the 10.25.  I settled for that.  Not like there was too much else I could do.

Pre-run snacks included a 1/4 c oatmeal with a tbsp on peanut butter and some orange juice.  In-run fuel included 22oz of gatorade and a mini-Luna bar (I honestly can’t remember which flavor — I was pretty out of it).  Post-workout food included some couscous, sauteed vegetables with mesquite lime marinade and two over-medium eggs.

Then, I went deep into the packing process.  And I find myself 2/3 of the way packed — but its always the last few items that take forever.  Oh how I hate packing.  Especially for a cross-country move.  I digress.

In the afternoon, I snacked on some frozen mango chunks from Trader Joe’s and then Mr. K and I went and hit up the Ribfest in Uptown!  We split rib samplers (of 3/4 ribs) from four different nation-renowned bbq joints.  Uncle Bub was our favorite, by a landslide.  The ribs literally fell off the the bone.  Delish.

For dinner Saturday, we hit up The Depot!

It is one of Mr. K’s restaurants from his time living in Oak Park.  And, I have to say it is quite the fabulous diner.

I had the french dip

Mr. K had the open-faced turkey (and a piece of raspberry pie later)

Good eating.  We also enjoyed some white wine post-dinner.

Today involved a trip to the BEACH!  It had been far too long (over a year) since I had been to the beach.  It felt great to rectify that.

I started off the day with some Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal and an apple.  Then Mr. K and I headed downtown where we went with his brothers and friends to North Avenue Beach for….BEACH VOLLEYBALL!  (Pre-volleyball snack was some Honey Nut Cheerios & a tbsp of peanut butter.)  We played beach volleyball from 1-4:30.  It was a ton of fun, we had three teams of four and winner stayed on the court in a constant rotation.  In between rounds…we hit the ICY cold lake.  But the icy coldness felt incredible.  It was an awesome day.  Although, I’m now a little sunburned (even though I put on SPF 30!).  Whoops!  So I’m to now going to go slather the aloe onto my shoulders and back…and then eat dinner!

What did you do this weekend?!


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