Whirlwind Tour of Chicago

I can’t believe it Sunday — and WORLD CUP FINALS DAY!  Hup Hollanda, Hup!

Now the main reason I’m cheering for Holland is for the boyfriend.  He is about like 1/8 (or less) dutch, but since his last name is dutch, he and his twin brother decided they were dutch for the World Cup.  And therefore, they’ve been cheering on the dutch, and are extremely excited they’re in the World Cup Finals today.  As such, I repeat:

Hup Hollanda, Hup!

Friday night my good friend from Minnesota, Kelsey, came to visit me for a very short — but fun — visit.  She got in at like 10pm Friday, so we hung out with my roommate & her boyfriend, and enjoyed a Riesling and Chardonnay a la Trader Joe’s.  After catching up and wining ourselves, we crashed much later than my preferred bedtime (which, since I’m an old lady, i usually between 9 and 10pm.  And yes, she didn’t arrive until 10pm, so you do the math).

Saturday morning I hit the pavement for a 6 mile tempo run.  I ran 2 mile warmups at 9min/mile, 2 mile tempo at 8min/mile, and 2 mile cool downs with a total average of about 8:43min/mile.  Then, Kelsey and I ventured downtown where we had brunch at Yolk, which if you’re ever in Chicago, checking it out is a MUST.  But, be prepared for 20-30 minute minimum waits, and for there to be a line when you arrive and leave.  It doesn’t really matter what time you get there, there is always a line.

Then we did a 7-mile walking tour of Chicago, which I present to you in photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After our tour, I dropped Kelsey off at the Greyhound so she could catch a bus down to Champaign-Urbana to meet up with her sister.  I’m so glad she stopped by to visit!  I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, and its always wonderful to spend time with one of my girls from Minnesota.  And then, I wanted to crash, but I couldn’t, as Mr. K was throwing a wine party.  But, that deserves its own post.

As for now, I woke up this morning having every intention of running 11 miles, but when I jogged to go grab my car before the meter expired, my legs — and body — said “no, no you don’t.”  I think the 6 mile tempo run + 7 miles of walking yesterday wore my legs out.  So, I’m going to settle for hopefully a good 60-90 minute crosstraining session this afternoon, as to not overdue the running and overtrain myself.

Anyone have any tips about how to avoid over training when training for a marathon?!  I really don’t want to wear out my legs and destroy my chances at being able to finish it.  I would love to hear your suggestions on how to properly train.

Happy Sunday, and: Hup Hollanda, Hup!


2 thoughts on “Whirlwind Tour of Chicago

  1. I’d say the best way to avoid over training is to listen to your body, as you’ve already learned. When it tells you it needs rest, then rest. And when it says you can go hard, then go hard. The tough thing is to not get lazy and suddenly find excuses where you “need” rest all the time.

    Otherwise, cross training is always good. Swimming, cycling, and just walking (among other activities) can do wonders.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I definitely try to listen to my body, but as you said “needing” rest can be very appealing… I’ve been trying hard to only allow one real “rest” day a week, but some days its easier to get in a workout than others 🙂

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