Last night was a good night.  A very good night.

I got off work at 5pm, and was able to go meet Mr. K and see him for the first time in over a week — too long.  We both had a lot going on, and our schedules just collided.  We went to go have dinner at one of the best ‘home cookin’ restaurants in Chicagoland — Hackney’s.  Mr. K had the corned beef special and I had a black bean burger on whole wheat bread and a side of steamed broccoli.  The corned beef left much to be desired, but my black bean burger hit the spot!  I believe the bun had milk in it though, so I only ate about a quarter.  With dinner, Mr. K had a 1/2 liter of Haufbrau Haus (it was on special) and I had a glass of Tempranillo.  I love me some wine.

Then we went on a walk around the neighborhood, and retired to his apartment to watch Top Chef from Wednesday on his projector.  He got a projector from school for the summer, and his brother set it up on the wall so that if you lay down on the bed backwards it feels like you’re in the movie theater.  Best.idea.ever.  Props to Mr. K’s twin.  Great idea.

This morning I woke up early and had an apple before heading to the gym.  At the gym I did 25 minutes on the bike followed by 20 minutes on the crosstrainer and some arm weights.  Then I headed to work, where I picked up an iced green tea with soy milk & sugar free vanilla from Argo.  I love me some Argo.  I need to petition for one to be brought to California.

Breakfast was Raw Oats with 1 tbsp Peanut Butter & Company Dark Chocolate Dreams (I’m almost out…and this makes me so sad!), 1 tbsp chia seeds and stevia.  Delish!  I can’t believe that when I was a little girl I despised oatmeal.  I’m very glad my taste buds changed, because I’d definitely be missing out!

Well, now its time to hit the papers at work!  But today is the last day this week!  So glad its Friday!

And speaking of Friday…Friday also means that I have a visitor coming in from out of town tonight!  Can’t wait to see her!  Its been faaaaar too long — possibly since November!   More on that later.


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