Mom & Dad

I woke up this morning…actually many times this morning…trying to convince myself the gym would be a good idea.  But the lack of sleep due to the humidity, caused me to remain in bed.  Don’t worry — I shall get in a workout equivalent to at least 5 miles of running today.  I am marathon training after all.

Right.  Marathon training.  Moving on.

Breakfast this morning was a breakfast of champions.  Since its obviously too hot for oats, I had some Special K Super Protein Cereal + Dark Chocolate Dreams + Almond Milk.


And a grapefruit.

Now I’m off to work, but tonight I get to have dinner with momma and poppa of PhD Strides!  They’re driving through Chicago today on their way to Michigan to see 1) my niece, and 2)  for my dad to go to a water ski tournament.

My niece is as good of an excuse as any — she is adorable.  My sister-in-law is Korean, and in my opinion mixed-race babies can be the cutest ever (not that I’m biased). But secondly, my dad is on the USA National Water Ski team for the 55+ in Trick Skiing, and so he is working on increasing his Tricks scores so that he can make it through the qualifications rounds at World’s this year in Italy.  Yes, my father is one of the top 55+ year old trick skiers in the world.  Talk about having someone great in your life to live up to.  No pressure.

But, I get to see them, which is exciting, even though I did just spend a loooooong weekend with them.  It will be good to have them here.  And to take them to my favorite cafe.   Mmmm.  I’m salivating just thinking about it.


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