Sweating like a pig

Today was a long first day back at work.  Tuesdays should not be the new Monday.  Though, I do quite like the idea of a three day weekend and a four day work week.  I think it should be standard.

Here is a look at where I was this weekend:

I miss my home…on the lake.

At work today, I started and finished a few projects, and during lunch break watched the Bachelorette.  Am I the only one out here addicted to that show?  Seriously.  I bash it all the time and make sooo much fun of it because I think it is a horrible way to find love and really will never work for 99% of the population, but yet I find myself addicted to it, and wondering “who is going to be voted off this week?!” every week.  sigh.  I guess we all have our vices?

For lunch I had my Summer Italian Chicken Sausage Pasta.  I had frozen some last week when I suddenly found myself flying back home and not needing Friday’s lunch.  I topped with with a little left over bruschetta topping I had in my fridge (I’m starting to clean everything out.  And had a salad on the side with red wine vinaigrette dressing.  I also had an orange, a peach and few blueberries.  Mmmm.

During my lunch break, I also stopped at the farmer’s market across the street!  I seriously LOVE summer because of the farmer’s markets.  Fresh fruit and vegetables?!  Sign me up!

I was able to acquire a pound of carrots, three delicious looking green peppers, three pickling cucumbers (I won’t pickle them…I just like to eat them like regular cucumbers), three fresh sweet onions and three kohlorabi for $12!  I was so excited.  All that fresh goodness, and for such a small cost?!  I may go raw vegetarian for the rest of the summer — especially due to this ridiculous humidity!

So I had every intention of going to the gym tonight.  I was going to run home with my goods from the farmer’s market and then head to the gym in my car (to save time!).  But the humidity starting getting to me, and I realized that I needed to replace my fan (which died Monday night in the middle of the night causing massive night sweats…okay, I’ll spare you the details) or I would die tonight.  So, I skipped the gym and ran over to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought a fan.  But, ITS NOT HELPING.  I’m still sweating like a pig.  Literally.  My body is just dripping and I’m just sitting on my bed doing NOTHING.  NOTHING.  (Yes, that is an air conditioner in the photo below..and no, I cannot turn it on.)

Well, I’m stressing about my room, as it currently looks like this:

Eugh.  I hate packing.  On that note, maybe if I go to sleep I will wake up and it will be all clean and put together?!


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