Reunited with a long lost friend…

I got back home last night at about 10:30.  With my long lost friend…my companion for a solid three years straight in college…my car.  I have a car again!  Oh, how I have missed thee.

Backing up…I haven’t had a car since I moved to Chicago over 2 years ago because parking is soo expensive.  You either have to buy a city permit, and then a neighborhood permit (or something like that) or pay an astronomical amount to park it in a garage or off street parking.  And then on top of it, insurance costs sky rocket due to the fact you’re living in the city.  And why would I pay for a car, gas, insurance and parking when I could  get pretty much anywhere I wanted to go for $86/month (pre-tax).  Seriously, there was no question there.  Thus, as I’m preparing for the move to California at the end of the month…I have my car with me!!!  And I love it 🙂  Though, I will still do my best to walk everywhere and utilize the CTA when I can — its much cheaper, and much more healthy.

But as I have brought my car back, I have realized she needs a name.  She’s a forest green, honda accord that is going to be leaving the Midwest where she has lived all her life and embarking on a new, exciting and terrifying adventure in Northern California.  Any suggestions?!

Breakfast this morning was my last apple (I need to go fruit shopping!) and Super Protein Oats.  Feels good to be back home, where I can eat breakfast how I like it.

As for my absence:  Some family/personal things came up, and last Friday I ended up on a 6am flight home.  I’m sorry blog world, but I will not share the details.  But, hopefully things will be okay, sorted out and moving along smoothly soon.  All I can say is that it was good being home, but not a completely carefree weekend, and it was good to be back in Chicago, though a little bittersweet.

Regardless, I got in a good 4 mile and 10 mile run, respectively while home — and in like massive amounts of humidity.  Thus I ran SLOW, really SLOW.  I couldn’t believe how hard it was to run in that type of humidity.  Chicago ain’t got nothing on Minnesota’s humidity.  And I also slalomed (water skied) Saturday and Monday, and on Sunday when it was super windy and there were boats galore on the lake for the holiday, I wakeboarded with my sister.

I also tried my first spinning class Friday morning when I got in from Chicago with my mom.  Verdict?!  I LOVED it.  I would LOVE to find a gym at which I can take spinning classes once I move to Cali…I’ve gotta start researching!

Okay, time to throw my life back together and head off to work — less than a month left!


One thought on “Reunited with a long lost friend…

  1. Great job on your runs!
    I get to see you in like 17 days and I’m very excited!
    Enjoy having your car with you, and lets have a phone date por favor!
    Lots of love!

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