What happened to June?

I was all stoked to blog this morning while I ate my delightful breakfast of a whole wheat Bruegger’s Bagel, scrambled egg + egg white topped with TJ’s Lemon Peppa, and an apple.  But then…THEN! my internet decided it wasn’t going to connect.  Comcast decided to hate me.  Well, Comcast — I hate thee!  So alas, my photos are stuck on the computer at home, where I have no internet….but breakfast was still good!

For lunch, Mr. K met me and we went to Chipotle.  I thought I had packed my “buy-one-get-one” coupon, but apparently it evaded my purse.  But, we went anyways.  He had the steak burrito, his usual, and I had a veggie-tastic salad.  My fixins were: pinto beans, fajita veggies, corn salsa, mild tomato salsa.  Mmm Mmm good.  And healthy too!  I just had dessert as well — a delightful orange from Treasure Island grocery.  As expensive as it is, I’m going to miss that place.  Such good finds!

But, as Mr. K and I were walking back from Chipotle.  He asked what day it was, and when I whipped out my phone to tell him (I had no idea), I realized that it was June 29.  Meaning tomorrow is the 30th and Thursday my rent is due.  And that means its July.  July is my last month actually living in Chicago.  What happened to my summer?!  Anyone know where its gone?  Its hiding, and I’d like to have it back.  Now.  Kthanks.

So I’m off to finish off the rest of the day of work and then onto day 2 marathon training — 5 mile run + arms.  I didn’t get to do my arms weights yesterday because I consumed too much food at the spontaenous Mexican fiesta Mr. K threw for his brother, friend Zack and I.  I did get in some cardio, but too full to do weights.  I will have a post up soon, for the Mexican feast and some delicious recipes — but I’m waiting for photos from the boy!

Have a great afternoon!  See you on the flip side (aka: home, after work and run)!


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