A kickin’ weekend

I apologize for my absence.  I sometimes go days without nearing a computer, and then when I do see one…my internet happens to fail!  Stupid Comcast — how I loathe thee!

Alas, I am back.  And I’ve definitely had my fill of soccer, beer, fries, and sweating this weekend.  Met some friends Friday night at Kasey’s Tavern with Mr. K.  Probably my favorite sports bar in the city.  I had two Lagunita’s IPA and a Lagunita’s Seasonal — they were on special that night!  $3 drafts!

Saturday morning I cranked out 11 minutes on the crosstrainer, 38 minutes on the stationary bike, 20 minutes on the stairstepper and some odd number of minutes walking the treadmill — I’m not quite sure how many cuz mid-walk I received a phone call for Mr. K that we were to be at the bar for the USA World Cup game in 45 minutes — so I rushed out, ran back, showered and got in my USA gear.  To be superfans Mr. K got an official jersey, and I got the official shorts..and together we were a ‘kit’ (minus the socks…which I still kind of want).  Nerdy, I know.

We headed to Timmy O’ Tooles for the game with a big group of friends from Mr. K’s (and his twin brother’s) highschool!  Yes, Mr. K is a twin.  a 6’6 twin — they are fraternal, but his brother is still 6’5.  I feel bad for their mother…a lot.  They were born two whole weeks late.  Yikes.  Anyways…  Moving on.

At Timmy O’ Tooles I started off chugging water.  Then I had a Snake Bite (Guiness & Cider) and a Black & Black (Guiness with blackberry flavor).  I got the nod of approval from the other guys — I was the only girl not drinking Bud Light.  But seriously, can’t handle that stuff.  I’m a microbrew girl.

Then, I came back and relaxed all evening — I did NOTHING.  Well, I packed for California some more.  But that doesn’t count really.  Does it?  And got in like 12 hours of sleep — amazing.

This morning I lounged around, and then hit up the gym for the Argentina v. Mexico game, only to find out my gym didn’t have the channel.  Man was I disappointed.  Regardless, I did 60 minutes on the crosstrainer and then ran 2 miles on the treadmill followed up by some walking to cool down.  I would’ve run outside but there was a huge thunderstorm this morning and its too humid/hot to run.  I am seriously sweating buckets just sitting on my couch with the fan blowing on me.  TMI, I know.

Anyways, here are a photo of some of this weekend’s eats:

Pasta + Italian chicken sausage delight (recipe coming soon)

Prosecco…drinking this as I blog…

That’s all for now — have a great rest of your Sunday!


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