Its Windsday in the city!

Let me back track…to Monday.  Monday morning, I opted to stay home from work (since I have the time off) due to the wedding going uuuuber late Sunday night.

So anyways, Monday’s eats:

For breakfast I had little Apple Jacks, a little Cheerios, a little Honey Nut Cheerios.  Later I had a spoonful of Santa Cruz Crunchy Peanut butter.  And still later, I had an Arnold’s sammich thin with Earth Garden spread and jam.  MMMMM.

For lunch, I stopped at Epic Burger on my way to the El, where I had a turkey burger, fries and a diet pepsi — yes, I had a diet pepsi.  I normally don’t have pop, but for some reason it sounded like the best idea ever.  I ate the whole turkery burger and all the toppings (I added grilled onions), and about 1/3 the whole wheat bun and 1/2 the fries.  It was just what I needed.  (I have photos of this…but I’m at work.  Camera and work don’t go well together…)

If you’ve never been to an Epic Burger and there is one in your area, you should check it out.  They have something for everyone (yes, even vegans — they fry their fries in a special vat that no meat goes into, and they have vegan burgers!), and they’re super environmentally friendly — most everything they use that is “throw-a-way” is biodegradable.  Pretty sweet if you ask me!

Later on Monday I hit the gym up for about an hour and a half for some cardio and weights.  Then, hit up TJ’s and Whole Paycheck for foods.  Then went home, where I cooked somedinner:  tilapia, brocooli + “cheese,” eggplant + mesquit lime, salad + guacamole hummus, sauteed mushrooms, and an apple? for dinner.  Delish.  Oh, and I had some TJ’s Soy Creamy for dessert.

Tuesday called for some overnight oats!  It’s been steamy in Chicago, and nothing else would do!

Overnight Oats:

1/3 c oats
1/3 c Probiotic Soy Unsweetened Yogurt
1 packet stevia
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams
add a little Diamond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk in the morning and ENJOY!

I also had an apple.

Then lunch, was a “corporate” lunch of sorts — I had a 1/2 turkey sammich on whole wheat with a banana, and then a pear, apple and some greens later on.

I snacked on popcorn all afternoon…probably too much.  And I had some TJ’s corn chips — Onion & Chive I think.  Delish.  They were meant for today’s lunch…whoops!

After work, we had a “going away” party for my coworker and I.  I technically still work through the beginning of August, but my coworker leaves next week.  We had appetizers and beer.  Too much beer.  The appetizers I ate were pita slices, carrots and celery with hummus, and then I had four, yes four, Bell’s Two Hearted.  Did not intend on that at all.  In fact, I wasn’t even planning on having one beer since the weekend required way too many.  As a result this morning I have paid for it, and I’m considering a four month beer hiatus — any thoughts on a beer/drinking hiatus?  I’ve done it before, and actually really enjoyed it.  I became much more in tune with myself, but I’m not sure.  sigh.

After this, Mr. K and I decided we hadn’t eaten enough for dinner, and were starving, so we hit up a little Mexican place for some foods.  I had the chicken burrito bowl with no rice/cheese/sour cream, and he had a steak quesadilla.  I was hangrier than I thought.  And pretty much finished the entire massive bowl… whoops!

Then this morning, I hit up the gym for 25 minutes on the bike and 12.5 minutes on the stairstepper and weights.

Breakfast was a repat of yesterday: Overnight oats! Plus a banana and a green tea with soy milk and s.f. vanilla syrup from Argo. I’m going to miss Argo so much.

And now its stormy and windy in the city!  Happy Windsday!!!


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