New obsessions to replace my long lost love.

After my last post, I immediately went in search of food.  After my workout this morning, my body was literally shaking and begging for food.  I hit up Panera for their Protein Sandwich (without cheese) and also had a pear.  This is all that was left by the time I found my phone with the camera.

Protein Sandwich = devoured.

However, I was good for lunch!  Here it is:

Wrap with TJ’s Guacamole Hummus (new obsession #1, if you couldn’t tell ;)) and Italian Chicken Sausage.

And a spinach salad with tomato, tomato basil hummus and goat cheese.  Mmm.  Goat cheese.  New obsession #2.

I had steered clear of it, because it was dairy, and then I recently started eating eensy teensy amounts.  And had no problem, so now I will have up to one full serving a day.  Which, it is very, and I mean very, hard to restrict myself to just one serving because it is so darn good.  But alas, I’m afraid too much of a good thing would be painstakingly bad for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about my dairy problem.  But here is the gist: Basically, if I consume cow dairy (I must specify now that I eat goat chesse!) I get all bloaty, crampy and gaseous (sorry if this is unappetizing!) like most lactose intolerant people do, but I also get these sharp, knife like pains in my lower right abdomen that rivals what I imagine appendicitis feels like.  And they last for hours — usually 12-24 hours of these awful pains. These pains are so bad, that in college, I was actually taken to the ER 6 times in a year because we hadn’t figured out what the problem was, and those around me were terrified I had a ruptured appendix.  Of course, each time was a false alarm, but man sometimes I wish it had been so the problem would’ve been easily solved!  But alas, I started cutting out dairy after seeing a gastroentologist (spelling?!) and I was sooo amazed by the difference in how I felt.  I’ve also dabbled with cutting out other food products, such as red meat and pork products, spicy foods, alcohol, acidic foods, fatty foods, fried foods, caffeine, sugar, etc.  But, I’ll save that for another post!

Are there any foods that you don’t eat because of the way they make your insides feel?  How do you combat your cravings for that food when all you want (in my case) is CHEESE? Well, now that I found a love for hummus and goat’s cheese, I’m pretty okay.  But before, I would try to “make up for it” with soy cheese, which I love, but its just not the same, no matter what people tell you.  I had to convince myself (it took a lot of time and effort) that I would feel eons better if I steered clear.  Now its a natural thing, but trust me it was not easy to do.


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