Double up and dinner

After work today I headed home, thinking I would just have a relaxing night.  But then, the workout bug hit me.  And I went by the gym, where I doubled up.  I did 28 minutes on the crosstrainer and 25 minutes on the stationary bike.  It felt great.  I sweat a lot.

Then, after the workout I headed home for an awesome veggie filled dinner.

For starters, I had a spinach salad with tomato and a Galeo’s Miso sesame dressing:

And then I had broccoli with Lawry’s Mesquite Lime marinade:

And my main entree was a TJ’s Chicken burger (with tomato, ketchup and mustard) with a side of eggplant with lemon pepper + more mesquite sauce

And the ketchup and mustard exploded a little…but all in all it twas quite filling.

I’m contemplating what my dessert will be.  White wine?  Or TJ’s Mango Soy Creamy…

TJ’s Soy Creamy just won.  By a landslide…

A little Soy Creamy Cherry Blossom made it in the mix as well.  I may have also had a spoonful from both containers…but shhh, who is counting?!

What is your favorite dessert? My favorite dessert growing up was definitely Peppermint Bon Bon Cake.  My mom made it for my dad’s birthday every year (she still does).  I can no longer eat it, but I have never found anything that compares: Peppermint Bon Bon Ice cream layered in between homemade chocolate angel food cake covered in homemade whipping cream and the put back in the freezer, to serve frozen.  If I get enough requests, I’ll beg my mother for the recipe…if a family secret.  But, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!


One thought on “Double up and dinner

  1. Great workout! And that dinner looks delish!
    Enjoy getting Kristi time! I’m super jealous I can’t be there to hang out with both of you : ) We’ll just have to convince her to come out to Cali!

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