Chicago is on fire!

Last night after I joined Mr. K at Jimmy Green’s where he shared with me the last little bit of his chips and guac he ordered while waiting for me.  It hit the spot.

Then we ordered dinner while waiting for game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals to start!  I had the Healthy Veggie Wrap, which was a spinach tortilla with grilled vegetables and melted goat cheese (I subbed the goat cheese in for the aioli because I don’t know what is in their aioli, and I just love goat cheese) and waffle fries on the side.  To go with it I had a Goose Island Green Line beer.  Or maybe 4.  As the game went on, beer just became more necessary, and Green Line Pale Ale is delicious.  And, if you haven’t heard yet…

HAWKS WON THE STANLEY CUP in overtime!  It was awesome.  And an epic game.  And night.  People were screaming in the streets — it was sooo exciting to be in Chicago when this happened.  49 years in the making!

This morning was a little hard to get out of bed, but I woke up and had a Toasted Nut & Cranberry Luna bar pre-workout.  Then I hit the gym for a 2.3 mile run on the treadmill and 28 minute elliptical sesh, followed by arms/abs.

Postworkout, I feasted on a hardboiled egg:

and a banana:

just kidding…a real banana:

And now I’m sitting, at my desk.  Wishing I was out celebrating…not sitting at my desk.

If you didn’t have to work today, what would you do? I would probably go for a long bike ride, have a picnic, read a book and take a nap in the park in the glorious sun.


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