Game 6!

For lunch today (again, my camera doesn’t hook up to this computer.  I need to fix that…or start dragging my computer with me…) I had quinoa with a TJ’s Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, sauteed green peppers and tomato, pasta sauce, and an orange.

For snacks today, since I was extremely hungry, I had a granola bar before lunch, and an apple and a granola bar at 3:30.  I also snagged 3 hard candies from the office candy dish.  Sometimes you gotta indulge.  I apologize for the lack of interest but I’ve got bigger and better things on my mind tonight cuz I’m…

Off to watch the Stanley Cup Game 6.  GO HAWKS!  I’ll be watching the game at Jimmy Green’s, a new sports bar in the south loop.  Should be a good game!


Any other hockey fans out there?  Which team are you rooting for? Truth be told, I’m a Wild fan (Minnesota born and raised), but I love hockey, and living in Chicago, I’ve really caught hockey fever.  Its contagious here.  Anyways, off to meet Mr. K for some dinner and hockey!

Have a great night!


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