Hello, California

So apparently the two post’s I’ve made from my phone haven’t posted.  As such…well, I arrived in California last night.  And: I’m in love.

The past day has been a whirlwind of campus tours, beach walking, apartment go-sees (yes I stole this term from America’s Next Top Model, but I feel like its a fitting way to describe apartment hunting).  And then, poppa bear and I had a delightful dinner this evening at an amazing little Italian joint.  The flavors of the dishes at this restaurant were incredible.  I’m so in love with northern California.

See what I mean?

I’m in heaven.  Literally.  This must be what it looks like.  No joke.  Except for the fashion crimes happening here.  Stacy and Clinton need to get here and do damage control.  Yesterday.  Or perhaps last year.  I’m sorry but a pleather pink jacket, small polka dotted black/white skirt and large purple/white polka dotted socks with army boots just don’t match.  No matter what decade, universe or mind set you’re living in.  It just doesn’t work.  Period.  I’m sorry, but that girl needed to change her clothes.

Okay.  Well, sorry for the lack of food.  I don’t really remember what I ate today, except for dinner, which was the only memorable part.  And for that I had chicken cacciatorre where the chicken was cooked to perfection and fell right off the bone.  It was divine.  And a side of zucchini, onion and tomato sauteed with pesto and olive oil.  Mmmmm.  Can I have some more?  Oh yeah, and olives + french bread with olive oil.  I’d go back.  Today.  For second dinner?

Alright, off to hit the hay.  5 apartment viewings in 4 hours tomorrow.  Talk about intense!  Oh, and a tour of Santa Cruz with a family friend and a sighting of my brother, who happens to be in town from Michigan for a wedding.  What are the chances of that?!

Happy Friday night, ya’ll!

What is your favorite and least favorite part about moving to a new city? I love the excitement of exploring a new city, discovering new gems, and getting to know a new culture and food.  I really dislike leaving those I’ve come to love and depend on in my prior home.  And really hate moving.  By the time I move to California I will have moved 8 times in 3 1/2 years.  Good riddance.


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