A clumsy morning

Last night, date night dinner with Mr. K definitely hit the spot.  We started off with some Vihno Verde.  A white wine from Portugal.  Its a really refreshing white wine with just a hint of bubbliness in it.  Definitely hit the spot on the hot day.  Then we had flank steak with chimichurri sauce (see recipe below).  And chips + guacamole.  And we finished off the rest of the Vihno Verde.  And had some gummi stars from Whole Paycheck for dessert.  (Per request of Mr. K, I am not posting photos of our dates together.  Might in the future, but as for now, I respect his wishes.  I kind of like him ;))

Chimichurri Sauce

1 c fresh parsley
1/3 c olive oil
1/3 c red wine vinegar
1/4 c fresh cilantro
2 garlic cloves, peeled,
1/2 tsp dried crushed red pepper
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp salt

Either chop it up finely and mix all together, or put it in your food processor.  serve over meat.  My preference is a nice thin steak.  But, another favorite of mine is to put it on choripan (chorizo in a bun) from a street market in Argentina.  This recipe is an adaptation from a recipe my host family gave me while studying in Argentina in 2007.  Enjoy!

Last night after dinner, we headed down to one of the Blackhawks’ Bars to watch the game with Mr. K’s brother and high school friend.  I had a Two Brothers’ Ebel’s Weiss beer.  It was good, but nothing to call home about.  Unfortunately, Hawks lost.  At least that means one more game in Chicago?!  Maybe we can win it at home!

This morning I woke up bright and early to hit the gym for a good workout before my trek west tonight.  I had a small Blueberry Crisp Cliff bar I picked up from Bike the Drive on Sunday.  I then ran 4 miles on the treadmill in 34:36 and finished up with 25 minutes of intense stairstepping, arms/abs and streching.

For breakfast, I had a tall soy cappuccino and the Protein Plate (minus the cheese) from Starbucks.  Definitely hit the spot.  I might have to try hard boiled eggs for breakfast more often!

Oh, so on my way to breakfast, I almost fell down a full flight of stairs at the L.  I was just walking along, and then all of a sudden my body just started reeling forward. And a few of the people walking up starting reaching out to catch me.  Somehow, someway (still not sure how) I managed to stay on my own two feet.  Did I really dance ballet for 13 years growing up?  I’m not quite sure anymore.  Starting to think that was all a dream…

Anyways.  Now I’m off to work for a half day, and then its our Annual company summer activity — this year we’re going bowling.  This could be bad.  Real bad.  I like to play by golfing rules when I bowl, meaning low score wins.  That way I have a chance.  I’ll report back later with the stats, probably while waiting at the airport to head to California!

What is your favorite way to get protein into your breakfast? I love adding peanut butter to everything and having eggs on the weekend.  Have yet to add peanut butter to my eggs.  Not quite sure that would work.

Happy Thursday!

(In the clumsiness/craziness of the morning, I have killed my phone — aka it needs to be recharged and I don’t have a charger, and I have misplaced my camera.  Which explains why there are no photos.  Sigh.  California can’t come soon enough.)


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