A ‘clean the fridge out’ lunch

Since I’m leaving for Northern California tomorrow evening, and we’re having a work event tomorrow, today I cleaned out my fridge — and freezer — for lunch, as to not waste any food.  I always cry a bit when I have to throw away my groceries.

As such, today’s lunch included:

A TJ’s dairy free burrito + rest of the soy cheese + TJ’s Fire Roasted Salsa + TJ’s Spicy Black Bean Dip (the salsa and dip are hidden by the cheese)

And a salad with “caesar” dressing.

Still not digging the Walden Farm’s Caesar Dressing.  But like any good soldier, I shall finish it.

And an array of fresh fruit.

The fresh mango from yesterday made another appearance.  As did the berries.

Later on for a snack, I had a 1/2 serving of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk a Nature’s Path Sunny Hemp granola bar and a serving of WildWood Probiotic Soy Unsweetened Yogurt with stevia.

I also indulged in an Argo Tea iced green tea with sugar free vanilla syrup and a soy milk topper.

I also snagged an apple for an early morning snack.

Evaluating my food thus far today, I’ve eaten a ton.  More than I usually do.  But I have genuinely been hungry all day.  I believe its because I didn’t properly refuel yesterday after my 4 mile run and 25 minute crosstrainer sesh.  I need to work on the postworkout fueling to keep my muscles strong.

What things do you have to do around the house when you go on vacation or leave for a few days? I have to go around and make sure all unnecessary items are unplugged.  I hate wasting electricity.  And clean out my fridge, taking as much with me or eating as much beforehand as I can.  I don’t like wasting food — but I dislike even more coming home to food gone bad in the fridge.  No good.

Happy Date Night Wednesday!


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