Dinner and Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

After work, I hit up the gym for an hour workout.  For pre-workout fuel, I had a Nature’s Path Pumpkin-n-Spice granola bar and celery with TJ’s red pepper hummus.  I did a 4 mile run on the treadmill in about 35 minutes, sipping on some G2 Gatorade, the red flavor.  And then hopped onto one of the crosstrainers for a 25 minute hardcore cardio sesh.

After the workout, I whipped up a quick, but well balanced meal:

A pear…

Brocolli + melted soy cheese…

Tilapia + TJ’s lemn pepper seasoning and two slices of whole wheat toast with Earth Balance.  (I may have added cinnamon and sugar after the photo to make the wheat toast my dessert!)

Onto Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Sunday morning, Mr. K and I woke up at 5:15am to prepare ourselves for Bike the Drive!  For those of you not from Chicago, Bike the Drive is a biking event put on in Chicago to raise awareness and funds for the ease of biking in Chicago.  From 5:30am to 10:30am the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, Chicago closes Lake Shore Drive, all 8 lanes of it to car traffic, and opens it up to more than 20,000 bikers of all shapes, sizes, skills, and ages (sorry to end the alliteration).  Mr. K and I did the ride last year, completing the 15 mile Northern loop of the ride.  But this year, we decided to go for the gold — we completed the entire 30 mile loop.  We did the first 15 in about an hour, and then my sister, who was visiting me all weekend, joined us for the last 15, which we finished in about 1.75 hours.

Before and during the bike ride I consumde the following : cheerios, peanut butter, orange juice, 2 small cliff bars, banana and an apple.

After the 30 miles, we headed over to Hackney’s for brunch.  I had 2 eggs over medium on toasted bread with breakfast potatoes and bacon.  Yes, i ate it all — I was starving.  And I had a bloody mary for good measure.

Since brunch was so massive, I just had a few chips and guacamole/salsa and 3 1/2 beers (of different Goose Island varieties) for dinner while we played Things with our friends who came over for the evening.  Probably not the most healthy of meals, but I’m on vacation, right?!  And my roommate fed me a wine dessert.  The wine dessert was white wine mixed with her homemade pear and wine sorbet.  Recipe to come (I have to give it out of her first).  It was delish.

Monday I dragged my sister to the gym again after a 1/2 grapefruit breakfast + whole wheat bread and peanut butter, for a 60 minute sesh on the crosstrainer.  Afterward it was downpouring, so we ducked inside Bruegger’s Bagel to split another sundried tomato breakfast bagel with bacon and eggs, and a peach guava smoothie with coconut water Naked Juice.  First time having the new Naked Juice, and I have to say that I was impressed.  It was perfect.

Then we went shopping, hung out with Mr. K and stopped by Portillo’s for an italian beef + fries dinner.  If you’re coming to Chicago and not a vegetarian, you should stop by ‘cuz there is nothing like a good italian dipped beef sandwich.

Then it was Stanley Cup Finals game 2!  It was a highly entertaining game, involving quite a bit of stress from us as fans.  But the best part had to have been the 2 goals by the Blackhawks in 28 seconds.  Seriously incredible.  And…..Blackhawks won!  So, they’re leading the series 2-0.  Can’t wait til game 3.  Now I’m wishing I had cable….good thing the boyfriend does, and its dinner night tomorrow at his place — he has an amazing dinner planned!

And that’s a wrap.

What is your favorite exercise machine at the gym?  What do you do when they’re all full and you’ve already had your heart set on doing that cardio? My favorite is either the crosstrainer or the stair stepper.  I love the crosstrainer because I can sweat up a mess without over using my knees, but I love the stair stepper because it really kicks my ass.  In a good way — most of the time 🙂

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