A Beautiful Day

Chicago in the summer is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places to be.  In the winter, its rather frigid and gross, and there is hardly a person outside — but in the summer, Chicago comes alive and it reminds me sooo much why I love this city, and why my heart is going to ache for it.  So, the beautiful weather this morning put me into a great mood.  And the fact that we’re supposedly getting released from work at 3:30pm today.  Holla.

Last night was a quiet night.  After work I headed to the gym for a double up workout.  I did 60+ minutes on the crosstrainer, covering a supposed 6+ miles.  It felt great to be back to normal, and completely over the illness.

I then went home, where I found my computer completely dead, and therefore no ability to use a camera (I need to rectify this, to post photos for ya’ll).  As such, a recap of my delightfully quickly cooked dinner.  It was tilapia with lemon pepper, fried okra + spinach, gazpacho with three falafel and an apple.  it was delightful.  to the max.

And the rest of yesterday’s eats included special k cereal + chocolate almond milk + protein powder + stevia for lunch, a pear and 1/2 apple, spinach salad and celery + hummus.  and a granola bar for a snack pre workout.  I’ve recently discovered Nature Path’s Organic granola bars.  They are to die for.  Especially the Peanut Choco and the Pumpkin-N-Spice flavors.  Sooo good.

This morning I woke up, intending to run, but I apparently needed an extra 45 minutes of shut eye.  After rushing to get ready, I had just regular oats with peanut butter, cinnamon, and almond milk.  And a grapefruit.  I love grapefruits.

What is your favorite morning fruit? I seem to go back and forth between grapefruit and bananas.  Though, I’ve been trying apples more lately after my Korean sister-in-law mentioned that in Korea they eat apples in the morning, because its good for your body.  I couldn’t get out of her the why, but I’ve been tossing apples into the mix.  So far, its been pretty good.


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