Super Protein Oatmeal

Woke up this morning feeling great.  I spent last night hanging out with Mr. K (for privacy purposes, he is a high school teacher, he has asked me to not disclose any photos of him).  We went to one of our favorite “homestyle” restaurants, Hackney’s for dinner.  I enjoyed a turkey burger with most of the bun (I didn’t eat it all since I forgot to specify I wanted it on wheat) with a side of steamed broccoli.  Mr. K enjoyed a ham and cheese sandwich with fries, with an arnie palmer, from which I may or may not have stolen a few sips.  Lemonade + Iced tea, sign me up anyday.

This morning, since I was feeling almost back to normal,I headed to the gym to ride the stationary bike and read the draft of our upcoming report for content and errors.  So, before 7am, I had already put in 45 minutes of work.  I’m thinking that means I get to leave early?  Probably not.

Pre-work out I had a Toasted Nuts ‘n’ Cranberry Luna Bar.

Post workout, I had helping of Super Protein Oatmeal.  The mix was the same as yesterday.  Accompanying this was a large navel orange and an iced green tea with soy topper from Argo.  If you’ve been to Chicago and haven’t stopped by an Argo, you’re seriously missing out.  Its like the Starbucks Caribou of tea.  Delish.

If you’re wondering why all the Super Protein Oatmeal, I have recently started running harder and longer, I’m training for a marathon this fall, and I haven’t been intaking enough protein for muscles to be able to sustain the distances.  I usually finish a 10 mile run feeling like I could run another 10, but my muscles won’t let me because they are fatigued.

As such, I’ve started “beefing” up every meal, as described above, but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions of different dairy-free protein powders to add to my oatmeal or cereals or just to spread over my meals?

Also, if you haven’t already checked it out, Jogging My Memory is having a give-a-way that ends on Saturday!


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