Mexican fiesta!

After working a ten hour day *cue the long sigh*, I met up with five friends and Mr. K (the boyfriend) at de cero for dinner and drinks for a girlfriend’s birthday.

I wish I had photos of the food to show you, but man was it phenomenal. I started off with chips and salsa. And had entrees of three tacos, chicken chipotle, duck confit and al pastor. It naturally came with a side of pinto beans and rice. Also, as a result of my long day, I had a passion fruit margarita and a raspberry basil margarita. While I don’t like to drink on weeknights, for a birthday and rough day at work exceptiomust be made!
Besides I ran six miles this morning, right?
And they brought the birthday girl what appeared to be an amazing brownie and icecream dessert. But the margaritas were my dessert….
Anyways, I have to be at the office by 7am tomorrow, so I’m on the L (public transit train in Chicago) headed straight or home and my bed.
And I shall dream of tacos and margaritas, and bachelorette parties. More on that tomorrow.

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